All you need is love... and the perfect wedding location.

It happened. The question of all questions has been asked. Heart beating. Short silence. And then she said YES! Two very charming people have found their matching counterpart in the other and want to start a new chapter of their life side by side.

Now the planning begins for the usually most beautiful day of their life – the wedding. One of the most important topics during this time is the choice of the location where the dream wedding is about to take place. A very special place that will linger in the bridal couple’s memory for a long time. We had the honour to accompany Bernadette and Josef on this adventure as they decided to celebrate their wedding at FourElements, in the middle of nature and undisturbed.

August 2019.

Today is the day. The wedding day starts very smoothly and relaxed in our House Water. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. The stylist comes directly to the house and mother and sister are helping the bride to get dressed. She looks stunningly beautiful. After a last glance in the mirror, they set off to the wedding ceremony. Everything is prepared and the guests are waiting excitedly.

The wedding takes place in a fairytale-like scenery with fantastic weather – framed by shady trees in lush green. In the middle of the action, a swimming pool blazes blue. Later, it serves as refreshment and the guests cool their feet in it. Everybody is in a good mood.

After the wedding vow and a few wept tears of joy, the wedding guests set off to the party tent which is positioned in the middle of the yard. There, the bridal couple cuts the wedding cake after an excellent dinner and opens the dance floor with a soulful wedding dance. Tears of joy included!

A breathtaking firework which makes many eyes sparkle perfectly completes the evening. The wedding party continues with dancing and celebration until late in the night and everyone has a great time. The newlywed couple spends its wedding night in the romantically decorated house with a stunning view over the Salza. Heavenly, right?

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