Actively experiencing nature

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With FourElements - Living by Berger, Hermann Berger gives his guests the opportunity to live and experience the wonderful region around Palfau in the sense of the four elements. With his company ``Deep Roots Adventures`` Siegfried Wiesenbauer has been offering rafting, canoeing, kayaking and canyoning tours for many years, including state-of-the-art equipment and perfectly trained guides. Thanks to the partnership with Hermann Berger, not only the attractive sports facilities can be used, but also the holiday can be completely rounded off. The premium chalets with their own wellness areas by FourElements - Living by Berger offer luxurious living over the Salza!


Hermann Berger

With FourElements, Hermann Berger wanted to create a place that corresponds to his ideal for relaxation from everyday life and allows guests to relax within a short time.

``Building is in my blood``, he explains. ``My father has realized smaller and larger projects all his life and as a boy I built my own hut in the forest.``

``I am a lot on the road, very athletic and I love challenges and activities. My home always gives me strength and I want to bring this energy source closer to my guests.``



Whether rafting or hiking, skiing or ski touring, the Gesäuse invites you to get to know and love the heart of Austria. Each element fascinates and captivates in its own way - but what happens when all four are combined? Now is the time for you to have this experience! With FourElements you can live within the elements and actively experience them.



The largest trees, the most beautiful flowers, the lushest grass, the thickest shrubs - all of them are rooted in the Palfau soil. In the gorge, through which the Salza has cut itself down over thousands of years, the beauty of the valley floor gives an idea of what the earth is best at: the basis of life for humans, animals, plants and soil organisms - and the natural basis for unique relaxing days in harmony with the elements.



A simple chemical reaction forms the basis for what is probably the most fascinating of all elements, which has been an essential cultural technique for tens of thousands of years, and which made the incarnation possible in the first place. Unparalleled light, cozy warmth, whether from the fire basket under the starry sky, at the barbecue area in convivial round or at the campfire on the Salza shore: You will not be able to escape the fascination of the fire.



A deep breath. Oxygen rich, clean air fills the lungs. It smells a bit like forest soil. The lush vegetation in the Palfau provides clear, oxygen-rich air. And even on the hottest summer days, the giant trees and the salza cool the air overnight, so that the FourElements - Living by Berger guests can breathe in deeply every day anew.



Water, the foundation of life on earth, the foundation of unforgettable days at FourElements - Living by Berger. Only a few kilometers away, the water is collected for what is arguably the best and highest-quality drinking water supply in the world - for the Vienna high-spring water pipeline. But the water in the Palfau is not just for drinking. Tamed for refreshment on hot days in the natural pool, the Salza rapids guarantee rafting and canoeing adventures never seen before in Europe.