Dive into the feel-good factor ``Nature``



Back massage

Duration: 40 Minutes
€ 100,00 per person

Neck massage

Duration: 40 Minutes
€ 100 per person

Hot Stone massage

Duration: 90 Minutes
€ 150,00 per person

Candle massage

Duration: 30 Minutes
€ 105,00 per person

Our experienced massage therapist Isabella Thalhuber offers her well-being practices directly on our premises.
She is also to be found in her studio in the Palfau 159.

Classic massages, but also with exceptional techniques that are sometimes only possible in their studio, such as hay, Lomi Lomi or oil massages let you forget the stress of everyday life.

In addition, she is also active as a nutrition trainer, mountain and hiking guide and also as a fitness trainer and bookable.
Inform yourself exactly on her homepage

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Tel.: +43 0676 / 898 509 106 Appointment at least 24 hours before desired appointment with us.

Arrive & Feel good

Summer & Winter

An infusion in the sauna, a refreshing dip in the cool water of the outdoor pool, relaxing in the whirlpool, or simply watching the flickering of the fireplace in the relaxation room. Just do what feels right in this very moment. With the unforgettable feel-good ambience you can pleasantly come to rest in the house and enjoy after the activities. For infusions in the sauna, massages or simply by the flickering of the fireplace fire - choose for yourself what is best for you.